I loved capturing Alysson & Colleen’s wedding at Terrain this summer! This has been a monumental year, with PA finally extending the right to marry to same-sex couples! It has been a wonderful joy to witness these unions, now fully recognized by the state. It seems so obvious to me that all the rights, privileges, and protections associated with marriage should be granted to all those who want them. Proud to be a part of the movement.

Alysson & Colleen put a lot of personal touches into their wedding day. Instead of a typical wedding dress, Alysson donned a 1960’s inspired purple and white number she had made for the occasion by designer and dressmaker Sarah Koval. For her shoes, she went with practical Birkenstock sandals, in bridal white of course. Colleen looked razor sharp in her tailored suit from Brooklyn’s Bindle & Keep. It was perfectly tailored, with personal touches such as her initials embroidered into the shirt cuff.

Colleen, a musician herself, wanted music to play an important role in their wedding day. They had a harpist and pianist playing during the ceremony and cocktail hour, and for the wedding reception they brought in their favorite orchestral Polka band – Polkadelphia! The band played raucous polka music, lifting their beer steins after every song to command wedding cheer!

Their love of travel and adventure was also a key theme of the wedding day. In their vows they talked about all the places they have gone and play to go together, and how they have challenged one another to grow and see the world. For their table numbers, they used vintage-inspired postcards from some of of national parks and landmarks they have visited together. Terrain’s design team decorated their rustic wooden tables with burlap runners and greenery. Terrain also made Alysson a stunningly bright and beautiful bouquet with a giant king protea flower in the center. The king protea flower, traditionally a symbol of hope & change, was a beautiful choice for Alysson & Colleen’s wedding.

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