For their engagement session, Cortney & Greg really wanted to capture where they are in their lives at this particular time. We started the session at their Fishtown, Philadelphia loft and I photographed them spending a typical, leisurely Sunday morning together. They cuddled on the couch over a home-brewed pot of La Colombe coffee, and Greg plucked away at the guitar. 

Later we walked over to Penn Treaty Park, which runs along the Delaware River, and found several beautiful weeping willows to use as a backdrop. This sunny early fall day was just spectacular! A cool breeze came in off the river, bringing all the goodness of the season with it. I love how the park, with it’s views of the Ben Franklin Bridge, as well as their brick loft apartment, really gives the session a Philadelphia feel.

There is something to special about doing portrait sessions in people’s homes. It’s such an intimate and natural setting, and such a great way to memorialize your life at this pivotal moment!

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