Leanne & Nick were married on a beautiful bright summer day at the rustic John James Audubon Center. Leanne wore an embroidered Free People gown, which she had altered by her trusted tailer, Sew Rob, to add in a train! Her chunky heels were custom made for the occasion by Shoes of Prey. Her gorgeous bouquet of greenery by BeLovely complimented the green runners on the farm tables from Buttercup that decorated their reception. And her bright and bold flower crown was the perfect boho accent to the ensemble. Nick looked dashing in his fitted suit and suspenders from Suit Supply.

These two put so much personal detail to into their wedding and had such a clear and artistic vision! Leanne, a textile and graphic designer, designed all the paper goods herself. Inspired by the venue, a bird sanctuary and the historic site of JJA’s home, Leanne used images from John James Audubon’s historic series of paintings “Birds of America” for the invitations. Nick, also an artist and avid gardner, made all the beer and wine for the wedding himself! Leanne designed the table to match the style of the invites, complete with their wedding crest and “Birds of America” prints. Leanne also handmade each napkin ring out of leather, slipping in a feather for a styled touch! During the cocktail hour, a resident owl was brought out for guests to see! Leanne paid homage to the venue’s history in a way that was styled and considered without being hokey or overdone in any way! In one of the speeches Nick & Leanne’s friends said they were the type of people you would want by your side if the Zombie Apocalypse ever came – after seeing how crafty they both are, I can see why!

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