Onna & Chris’s unique wedding day was an excellent reflection of their relationship. These two brought their love for family & friends and their passion for music & food to the forefront of the day. Onna is a chef, and the owner of Full & Happy – a private dinning experience company based in Philadelphia – so of course the wedding food was very important to her! They chose the fabulous team at Garces Events catering, which definitely does not disappoint! Chris is a managing partner of Ardmore Music Hall, so guests knew the music would be great. He went the extra mile by organizing not one, but two bands to play at the wedding!

For their portraits session, we explored Old City’s Independence Park, stopping in several spots along the way to take pictures. Onna & Chris are so sweet together, lending a radiant warmth to the world that really shines through in their portraits together. These two are always looking effortlessly beautiful, and totally in love!

The couple chose The Independence Seaport Museum for their wedding ceremony. The high platform of the ceremony location gave one the feeling of being on the deck of a tall ship about to set sail! After their ceremony, Onna & Chris paraded to The Olde Bar for the reception like a New Orleans style second-line – lead by the fun and talented Swift Technique. What a lively and festive way to kick off a party! Nothing gets the crowd going like dancing in the streets!

The Olde Bar, a Jose Garces restaurant and wedding venue in what was once the original Bookbinder’s Seafood Restaurant, is like stepping into a time capsule. This space is rich with Philadelphia History, from the heavy wood bar to the gorgeous Mercer tile floor. The walls feature historic photographs of famous Philadelphians and prominent patrons of the former establishment, and the decor is just dripping with charm. To match the feel of stepping back in time Drew Nugent & the Midnight Society, summery old-timey jazz band, played the cocktail hour. Before the night was over everyone shared cake, artfully decorated by Clara’s Groovy Deliciousness with cute signage by hello, bird.

Onna & Chris’s personalities were perfectly styled into their wedding day, and all of the elements – food, music, location, decor – came together to form a most harmonious occasion! Check out their feature on Ruffled Blog!

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