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Our hearts go out to all of our couples who are affected by this evolving crisis. Please know that we are here to help navigate this along with you. We know how stressful wedding planning can be, and this certainly doesn’t help! But remember, you are not in this alone – we are all in this together! Everyone here on the Emily Wren team is committed to doing what we can to help our couples during this uncertain time. We appreciate you working with us, and we feel even more connected and dedicated to our couples now as we go through this together. We hope everyone stays safe & healthy, and we seriously cannot wait to celebrate with you once we can all be together safely again!! 

As measures to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) have reached our area, we want to reach out to our couples and community at large to address some of the challenges and rescheduling expectations we are facing for 2020 weddings. 

We would like to be as accommodating and sensitive as possible to this evolving crisis.  We hope that we can alleviate some of your concerns with potential rescheduling issues, as well as outline the steps that we are taking to ensure the safety of our couples and team during this time. 

While all of this information may seem overwhelming, we wanted to give you all the details you may need should this health issue develop further and affect your wedding date. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly.  

Moving Forward as Scheduled

In the event that there is not a local quarantine or that venues do not cancel, we are committed to moving forward with all weddings as originally planned. Of course, we are paying close attention to the news and staying in contact with all of our couples and event partners. 

Date Postponements

If federal or state directives arise that would prohibit any of our weddings from taking place altogether, we are committed to working with our couples to reschedule to new mutually-agreeable dates.

We are asking our clients to keep us promptly up to date for rescheduling and work with us so we can move efficiently to a new date. If we are not available for your postponed date, we will try to assign one of our talented associate photographers as a replacement. If there are no availabilities on our team, we will make every attempt to find you a suitable replacement with another photographer in Philadelphia of an equal level of skill and experience. 

Please see below for our cancellation and rescheduling policy in light of COVID-19.

Upcoming Engagement/Family Sessions

In light of the current situation, we are postponing all scheduled engagement or family shoots until the “stay at home” bans are lifted. After that, we will evaluate our non-wedding related shoots, such as engagement and family sessions, on a case by case basis. As long as everyone is practicing safe hygiene, the clients and the photographer are not feeling sick, and the session is happening in an open-air environment, we can proceed as planned. We are truly looking forward to capturing images of you and your loved ones, and want to do so when the timing allows for us all to be in close proximity safely.  


First and foremost, any team members that show signs of sickness or specifically of Coronavirus will not attend your wedding. We will make every effort to fulfill our contracted services and have enough staff to produce your wedding.

Safety Precautions

The safety of our team and our couples is our number one concern. We will be taking every precaution in regards to protecting ourselves and others by following the CDC guidelines. We will also be taking every precaution to clean any and all equipment that we may be bringing onsite for your wedding, and of course, wash our hands, wear a face mask if indoors and avoid excessive contact. 

When will I get my photos?

Many weddings from the spring have been rescheduled to the fall or to 2021, and while we usually place a limit on the number of weddings we take during each month, we are now taking on extra weddings per month in order to accommodate all of the reschedulings for the year. Our turn around times may be delayed due to the number of weddings that are being rescheduled into a shorter time span. Please be understanding and flexible as we do our absolute best to accommodate this new normal!

Here is our COVID-19 Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy:

We are adjusting our policies as a gesture of goodwill, and not requiring payments in full if you do have to cancel your wedding altogether. However, we do hope you choose to reschedule your wedding rather than cancel, and we will work with you to move to the new date to the best of our ability! We have been doing non-stop research and discussion with industry partners over the last few weeks to determine a concrete policy that is best for our couples, and fair as a best business practice for moving forward in this unique situation.

A) If your wedding is rescheduled to a different date in 2020 and your photographer is available for the new date, we will waive all change fees and apply your previous payments to your new date.

B) If your wedding is rescheduled to 2021 on a weekday, Friday, or Sunday and your photographer is available for the new date, we will waive all change fees and apply your previous payments to your new date. 

C) If your wedding is rescheduled to 2021 on a Saturday and your photographer is available for the new date, we will apply your previous payments to your new date plus a change fee of 20% of your package price to reserve the new date.

D) If your wedding is rescheduled to 2022 on a weekday, Friday, or Sunday and your photographer is available for the new date, we will apply your previous payments to your new date, and create a new contract for you with our current 2022 rates.

E) If your wedding is rescheduled to 2022 on Saturday and your photographer is available for the new date, we will require a new contract with our current 2022 rates and we will apply your previous payments to your new date plus a change fee of 20% of your package price to reserve the new date.

F) If your wedding is rescheduled and your photographer is not available for your new date, we will provide a suitable substitute photographer from our team for an additional fee of 20% of your package price to retain the new associate. This will go directly to the new photographer to secure the new date. 

G) If your wedding is canceled or rescheduled due to COVID-19 for a date that none of our team photographers are available, your deposit is non-refundable and no future payments will be required.

H) If you decide to proceed with your wedding but on a smaller scale, your deposit will remain non-refundable, and it can be used towards a paired down custom wedding package for a more intimate and smaller-scale event. 

In terms of the rescheduling fee, please know that we’re aware of how sensitive this is. It’s such a difficult situation, especially because it’s really out of everyone’s control. We’ve put a lot of thought into how we can keep our business up and running, while still being able to accommodate all the weddings that are being rescheduled into 2021.

Our goal is to be able to help all of our beloved couples, but as a small family business, this crisis has really hit home. As a result of the mass reschedulings, we will be losing out on work in 2020, as well as in 2021. We’re prepared to make that sacrifice, but we hope to bear the burden of the costs mutually, rather than having it all fall on our shoulders.

For couples who choose to reschedule to a Friday or Sunday, there will be no fee. However, for couples who choose to reschedule to a Saturday in 2021, we’re asking for a reasonable rescheduling fee to help us recoup some of the costs. We’ll still be bearing about 80% of the costs involved with making this switch, but the rescheduling fee will keep us from being financially over-burdened, and help to ensure our team will still be in place to provide the excellent service we’re known for when your wedding day arrives.

In order to help couples navigate these reschedulings, we have completely opened up our calendars to those affected by the crisis, and we are committed to moving with them to their new wedding date. We do ask that you stay in communication with us when thinking about rescheduling so you can be aware of your photographer’s availability before deciding on a new date. Please understand that as more and more weddings are rescheduled, dates are filling up quickly. Should you decide to go with a date that your original photographer is not available, we are happy to provide a suitable substitute from our team. However, please be aware that we will be asking for a reasonable fee in order cover the cost of contracting the new photographer.

Again, our goal is to accommodate all of our wonderful couples to the best of our ability. We can’t wait to photograph your wedding! And if you do have to reschedule, it will be that much sweeter when the day arrives! We believe this solution is fair for everyone involved, and we hope you agree! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have. Our relationship with our couples and their families is our top priority!